Nate Beveridge - A Gym owner, Two-Brain Client and avid Bioedge Partner


How is Bioedge Different from other Supplement companies?

Bioedge products have 3 key differences that set them apart:
1. Ideal Dosages, Formulated for you and your goals, so you get results without risking your health. Most supplements are built for the Arnold Schwarzenegger wanna be. Bioedge is created for those that are looking to look good, feel great, and reach & maintain their desired weight
2. 100% Natural Ingredients, so you don’t have to compromise on your health with artificial ingredients like synthetic caffeine and artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors and more.
3. Bioedge Signature Flavoring System™, is our secret sauce. Our proprietary flavouring system that guarantees mouth-watering taste you’ll look forward to every day

Our Gym's members are mainly people that want to lose weight and feel better. Lifestyle people. Do your products fit?

Yes! Bioedge products are formulated with your gym members in mind. With 100% All-Natural Fat Burner to boost metabolism and provide clean energy, Organic Greens Complex for all your daily veggies in 30 seconds, and many more, your members will love the experience and results of Bioedge Supplements.

We have a tight budget, I'm not sure if we can afford his extra investment/expense?

Great news - as a Two-Brain Business Client, you can partner with Bioedge with ZERO investment or up front cost. Your members can order online and pick up their products at your gym, without you having to pay $1000s in up front inventory and ongoing carrying costs every month. And best of all, you earn a commission on every one of your members orders.

How can I earn $1500-$6000 on top of what the Gym makes?

As a Two-Brain Business Client, you receive a unique code and link. When your members order Bioedge Supplements using your code or link, you earn commission on that order and every order that member makes after that, whether they use your code again or not.

Just 50 members ordering 3 products per month earns you $1500. Growing your business from there happens as more of your 150 members buy, as members increase from 3 to 4 to 5 (and more!) products per month, and as members leave and new members join your gym - they stay your Bioedge customers, so you earn commission for the lifetime of your partnership with us.

Is there any benefit of being a Two-Brain Client?

Yes! As a Two-Brain Business Client there are many exclusive benefits for you and your gym. One for example, we will waive the initial inventory deposit for product at your gym. That means we will stock product in your gym without you having to put out a dollar, and you can fulfill online orders for your members from your location with zero up front cost.

This looks exciting, how do I get started?

Just fill out the form on this page and we'll contact you shortly so you can start providing your members mouth-watering 100% All-Natural Supplements and earning commission on every order.